Mr. Siddiqui remained actively associated with Radio Pakistan as a talker, feature writer and playwright. He wrote over 100 radio plays which were widely acclaimed both by the general public and intelligentsia, including the renowned urdu drama writers Ashfaq Ahmed and Mirza Adeeb.
During his diverse career, Mr. Siddiqui has visited number of countries including United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Afghanistan, and Thailand. In addition to the mentioned countries, he was officially invited by the governments of the United States of America and Iran separately on tours to their respective countries. He is perhaps one of the few journalists who had a chance of meeting Taliban leader Mulla Mohammad Umar in one of his visits to Afghanistan.

He has also conducted lecture on politics, journalism, education and other issues of social importance both in Pakistan and abroad.

In his capacity as a leading Urdu columnist of the country, Mr. Siddiqui has been honoured with various national and International awards for his contribution in the field of journalism.